Are you starting to realize that what got you here won't get you there?

You've built this business from the ground up, learning every step of the way. You've got a strong offering, clients that love you, and ideas out the wazoo. Get it girl! 

You love the challenge. I get it, me too. As an entrepreneur, and especially as a woman, there's some definite pride in saying you did it on your own. I was guilty of this for far longer than I should have been myself.

But you already know that it's going to take more than just the hard work that got you here to get you to that next big goal, or you wouldn't be here,. You've laid the foundation, now it's time to position yourself as a leader so you can book the bigger audiences, command the higher rates, and help more people.

The truth is this... The brand image you’ve been piecing together along the way doesn't represent who you are anymore, let alone what you stand for and where you’re going. The website shame is real.


In this next iteration of your business you know you want a brand that feels absolutely true to who you are and gives you plenty of room to grow into who you're becoming. It needs to attract the people you really want to work with and make them want to work with you. It needs to position you as a pro who has her sh*t together. 

You're ready to build a brand that makes you feel like the boss you already are.

As your brand + strategy partner, I'll help you craft a brand image that not only looks nice, but inspires trust and helps position you as a leader in your space. A brand image that helps you reach higher, attract the right clients, and elevate your business. One that beautifully represents who you are and lets you build a business on your terms, based on your own unique strengths.

How this works...

There are two parts to our work together. 

Part One: Strategy

Brands that work need to be built on something. You have to know what sets you apart, who you are, and who you're trying to attract. This is what we figure out in the strategy step. This bit can be done a couple of different ways, depending on how you prefer to work.

  • If you work best with accountability, like to process out loud, or just like a more guided process, we'll start your project with a series of four one-on-one 60 minute strategy sessions. I'll personally walk you through the discovery and foundational work that needs to be done before we start branding, either in a video chat or over the phone.
  • If you prefer to work on your own, are self-driven, have recently worked with a brand strategist, or work better when you have time to think, your project will start with my signature client workbook. You'll walk through the same discovery work, on your own pace, with a thorough, editable PDF to guide you along. 

Part Two: Design

Once we feel good about the foundation we'll kick off the design part of the project with a 90 minute face-to-face strategy call, followed by my creating three initial concepts for your logo and brand image. I'll build your chosen concept out into a beautiful brand, website, and all the supporting marketing materials you need to grow. 

The result: A brand that builds trust, inspires confidence, and makes your ideal client excited to invest in working with you.


This is totally for you if you are...

  • A high-achieving female entrepreneur or small business owner
  • Ready to position yourself as a leader in your industry.
  • Starting to create more awareness and visibility around your brand with things like podcast appearances, speaking opportunities, or publishing a book.
  • Passionate about using your skills to help others and make the world a little bit better.
  • Driven to grow your brand beyond your own limitations.

And what you need most right now is…

  • Time to focus on what you do best.
  • Someone you can trust to step in and help you bring all the scattered pieces of your brand together.
  • The structure, support and space you need to fully step into your CEO role.
  • A design partner who anticipates your businesses future needs, rather than just reacting to them.

The struggle is real, and you're tired of...

  • Feeling website or business card shame when you meet new contacts.
  • Worrying about missing opportunities due to not having the right materials at the right time.
  • Trying to be the visionary, the CEO, and the designer in addition to all the other roles you play in your life. You’re maxed out.
  • Finding design support that treats you like the intrepid entrepreneur you are instead of like another big corporation.
  • Having to recreate the wheel every time you create a social media post or craft a client invoice.
  • Not having the time, energy, or design eye to make sure all your materials are on-brand and working to move your business forward.

Here's what you'll get:

My 50 page client workbook to help guide you through gathering the content you’ll need

Four 60 minute strategy sessions to identify your unique brand image, ideal client profile, dream brand, and competition

An initial 90 minute face-to-face strategy call to deep dive into your brand and our goals for the project

Bi-weekly 20 minute check-in calls so we stay on track

Asana project management to keep your inbox uncluttered as we work

An easy to use folder of branded templates and assets

A written guide to using them as your brand grows (Great for sharing with new team members!)

A brand image that makes you feel like an absolute boss


What are you waiting for? Let's chat!