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The Art of Being An Unconventional Professional

Gone are the days where you had to follow a formula and say what everyone else was saying just to get a seat at the table. Which, while super liberating, is also scary as hell. What if who you are in business isn't enough to sell your coaching services? What if you aren't different enough to be appealing? What if you're too different? That's a lot of pressure on top of also having to provide a killer product or service.

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Case Study: Virginia Highlands Festival Logo

Once upon a time, in a year known as 2015, I got a message from my friend Becky who just happens to be the Executive Director of the Virginia Highlands Festival. They were looking for another designer to bring on for the 2016 festival, and I jumped at the idea. The project included a new website build with a pretty extensive calendar of events, marketing materials, banners and signs for the festival, and through a turn of events eventually the role of 2016 Creative Director and the design of the 60+ page festival guide. 

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