Monthly Roundup: May Edition (New Feature!)

Starting this month I’m going to be experimenting with having a monthly roundup. In this roundup I’ll share a little about what’s going on here, both in life and business. I may share a big goal that I have for the next month, or some exciting news or plans, or even some lessons I’ve learned. I’d love to hear your goals, stories, and lessons in the comments as well! 

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Project Spotlight: Aurora Gregory Consulting

Every now and then on the blog I like to highlight one of my latest design projects, and this is one I’ve been dying to share!

Aurora has been a client of mine for a couple of years now. I’ve now created three websites, two logos, and one book cover with her, in addition to a bunch of smaller collateral pieces like business cards and PDF ebooks. She’s really an amazing lady with so many talents, and every project has been more fun than the last. So, needless to say, this one has probably been my favorite so far.

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How to Move Your Blog from WordPress to Squarespace

One of the things I hear about Squarespace a lot is that it's a pain in the arse to transfer your WordPress content into it if you already have a functioning website. Somebody in a Facebook comment the other day described it as a nightmare of copying and pasting. Which makes me sad, because that hasn't at all been my experience, and I'm sure they scared that poor person away for good when they probably would have thrived on Squarespace. 

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