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The Quick And Dirty Guide To Embedding Responsive Video On Your Site

So you want to start adding video to your site, but have no idea how to start. Or maybe you're already adding videos, but when you do they break the whole feng shui of the site because they don't resize with the screen. 

Luckily for you, and the people trying to watch your videos on their phones, it's super easy to add responsive video to Squarespace and WordPress sites.

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How To Avoid The Zombie Apocalypse With Routine Maintenance

You know how you're supposed to get your teeth cleaned every 6 weeks? And change your oil before your car starts making that weird sputtering noise? These are things you were taught as a child, or maybe a young adult. It's wisdom passed down from older, wiser generations to keep our world from falling into disrepair and being overtaken by creatures of the night. Or at least people with bad teeth and sputtering cars.

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