Project Spotlight: Aurora Gregory Consulting

Every now and then on the blog I like to highlight one of my latest design projects, and this is one I’ve been dying to share!

Aurora has been a client of mine for a couple of years now. I’ve now created three websites, two logos, and one book cover with her, in addition to a bunch of smaller collateral pieces like business cards and PDF ebooks. She’s really an amazing lady with so many talents, and every project has been more fun than the last. So, needless to say, this one has probably been my favorite so far.

She let me know in late 2016 that she wanted to revamp her own personal brand and website, and in March I started on her Brand + Site design.  


In her client homework she used words like sincere, wholesome, honest, cheerful, and down-to-earth, so I kept those close throughout the project. For her logo concepts I played around with a few totally different ideas.

Some of them (like the microphone and walkie talkie) were meant to show off her ability to take a small brand and give it a big voice, while others were more general to marketing and communications. In the end the logo that worked best for her was a classic initial mark.

Once the logo was chosen and brand colors established I used those to create a business card design, cover graphics for each of her social media channels, and a set of PowerPoint slide templates. I actually hadn’t thought to offer PowerPoint templates before, but it turned out to be great practice for creating my own slides while I was working on The Squarespace Course.


I also expanded the branding into a set of colorful icons and dividers for the website and some bright variations of her logo submark.

I finally pulled all of that together into the design of her new Squarespace site, which might be my favorite yet. I love how comfortable and homey the colors and fonts make it feel! And, in a bit of a meta experience for me, the book and video course that’s linked on the Products page are actually my designs as well from one of our last projects together.

Aurora had plans to finish a short ebook to use as her email opt-in but wasn’t sure when she would be able to finish it, but with a little cheerleading she was able to knock that out in plenty of time for me to create a new cover and spruce the formatting up a bit before she launched.

That was the final piece of the puzzle and with a few custom launch graphics she was ready to start sharing her new brand with the world. Or I should probably say I was ready to start sharing, because I think I was as excited as she was!

That's it! If you're an entrepreneur looking to figure out what your story is and how to connect with your clients - you need to check Aurora out. She knows her stuff! You can find her at, and be sure to sign up for her email list while you're there and grab that ebook.