My Moving Checklist For Your Home Based Biz

I know it sounds cliche, but I literally feel like the last two months have gone by so fast I must have missed parts of them!

It hasn't been the busiest summer on record as far as work goes, but that's actually been okay this year. We've been house hunting and going through the mortgage process for the last couple of months and are down to the final few days before we move into our new house now. At least that's what the mortgage guys keep promising me ("Just two more virgin sacrifices and we're done, I swear!").


There's a lot to remember when you're just moving from one home to another... it's amazing how many places your address ends up over the course of even just a year! 

When you're a freelancer working from home the amount of stuff you need to keep up with to make a seamless transition doubles. You're not only moving your home and your business, you're also potentially looking at a disruption in your ability to work. I for one am taking off the whole week of our closing to give me time to move, set up my new office (and all the other rooms), have internet connected, and spend a little time enjoying the new house. 

Since I haven't seen a lot of moving checklists for home based biz's out there I thought I'd share my own running list of things to remember. This is more geared towards online only businesses, but a lot of it will apply to anybody. I'd also love to hear your additions in the comments in case I forgot anything!

Things To Remember When Moving Your Business

  • Back up your hard drive before taking down and moving your computer!

  • Let your current clients know if you'll be taking time off (which you totally should if you can)
  • Set an autoresponder on your email for any time you'll be responding slower than usual
  • Put up a notice in your online shop that you'll be out of pocket
  • Schedule internet installation once you know your move-in date
  • Update your address on/with your:
    • Invoices
    • Accounting software (and accountant)
    • Bank account
    • PayPal and other payment processor accounts
    • Email newsletter provider (Consider getting a PO box for this as it's required at the bottom of your emails)
    • Domain account contact information
    • Vendor accounts
  • Make sure any important current client documents are easy to get to in the move
  • If you're in local networking groups find out if they have a chapter in your new city and make connections before you move
  • Find out if you need a business license in your new city
  • Send out a new address email to any clients who'll be mailing you a check or 1099 at tax time

What did I miss? If you're moving to a new state or even overseas I'm sure there are a dozen more things to remember, but these basics should be covered regardless!