My five favorite podcasts for female entrepreneurs

So, confession. I showed up super late to the podcast game. I only really started listening to them last year, and how much I can listen depends on what I’m doing. If I’m sketching logo concepts or making minor website updates I might listen all day, but things like blog writing or invoicing require way more focus. Since I don’t drive much now that takes away a lot of my prime listening time.

By the way, in case you need this little nugget of permission (like I did), listen up. You don’t have to listen to every episode of every podcast you like. You are absolutely allowed to pick and choose what you think applies to you or just what peaks your interest. I delete lots of episodes of podcasts I love or think I “should” listen to.

Information overload is such a real thing... there’s no need to take all of that in when you don’t have to.

With that said though, you can get a TON of value by following along with some great podcasts and fitting them into your daily routine where you can. I love to listen to something thoughtful or motivational while I’m in the shower in the morning or cooking at night, or a lighter business podcast while I’m working during the day sometimes.

Not shockingly, most of the podcasts I follow are in the realm of entrepreneurship, money, creativity, and personal development. (If you don’t already know this about me, I’m a lifelong learner and get a huge kick out of learning more about myself and tweaking my life.)

Here are a few podcasts I love that I think every boss lady could pick up some great value from.

Pursuit with Purpose

Melyssa is a fellow graphic designer turned online biz coach. (I’m actually not sure what she calls herself, but she helps heart-centered high-achievers make more money online.) I’ve been following her for years and actually took her Blog to Biz Hive course myself last year.

On Pursuit with Purpose she talks to other entrepreneurs about things like listening to your intuition and creating sustainable habits. The podcast itself isn’t about business, but the themes will definitely help you uplevel your life + biz. It's become one of my favorites to listen to while cooking dinner or getting ready in the morning - it's motivational but in a laid back sort of way.

Creative Empire Podcast

The official tagline for the Creative Empire Podcast is “Connecting you with industry thought leaders to help you develop the business side of your creative hustle”. Which seems pretty accurate to me.

This one might be more useful if you’re a creative entrepreneur, but I think a lot of the episodes could apply to anyone. They cover all sorts of things from taxes to creative inspiration. There are a LOT of existing episodes too, and a variety of episode topics and types.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Looking for practical tips from entrepreneurs who are thriving in their industry? These are quick, easy to digest, 20-30 minute interviews where the host (John Lee Dumas, or JLD) really digs down into an entrepreneurs successes and failures and what they learned from the experience.

You’ll find topics ranging from starting a speaking career to finding balance and a ton of stuff in between. This is another that puts out a LOT of content, so I typically listen to those I feel drawn to.

For The Love Of Money

Got money issues? Don’t we all? Women especially tend to struggle with feeling guilty about making a lot of money and building high profile businesses. The truth is though, it’s just money. It’s a tool, and you deserve it as much as anyone else. There’s nothing to be scared of. Once you learn to identify your money blocks and break them down, your earning potential goes up.

I could go on for days about money blocks and women, but this podcast is for all small business owners who want to build profitable businesses. They’re out to make people unapologetic about making money and prove that when good people make good money, they do good stuff. I think those are both lessons we could all use regular refreshers on.

Rich Bitch

I only recently learned about this one but I already love it. Angie Lee went from college dropout with six figure debt to 7 figure entrepreneur under 30. Her podcast is real, raw, and full of value.

She focuses on creating strong amazing branding, organic and intuitive marketing, and how to scale your online business authentically. Everything a woman building her empire needs to know.

Those are my favorite podcasts for boss ladies, but I’d love to hear yours! Let me know in the comments below what you’re digging on so I can add it to my list.

Also, if you’re looking for a way to keep #alltheepisodes organized until you have time to listen to them, I LOVE the PocketCasts app. And I get absolutely no reward for telling you that, other than knowing you will likely also love it.

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