Monthly Roundup: May Edition (New Feature!)

Welcome to May! This month started on a Monday, which was super exciting for my little nerdy planner loving self. How often do you get to start a new week AND a new month at the same time? I briefly thought it was the beginning of a new quarter as well, until I was corrected and had to relearn how to use a calendar.

This seems like the perfect time to roll out a new blog feature, and this is something I’ve been excited about since I had the idea a few weeks ago.

I spend a lot of time here sharing advice about Squarespace, design, and business, which I’m assuming is why you’re here. But that’s all very structured and fits neatly into a few categories, leaving very little room to just talk about what’s going on in our lives and maybe even get a little more personal.

So starting this month I’m going to be experimenting with having a monthly roundup. In this roundup I’ll share a little about what’s going on here, both in life and business. I may share a big goal that I have for the next month, or some exciting news or plans, or even some lessons I’ve learned. I’d love to hear your goals, stories, and lessons in the comments as well! 

I also want to share a few recommendations every month, I’m thinking five or ten, for things that I’ve recently tried or learned about that I think you might love. Because I want this to be a fun, loose post and because I’m a bit of a random person, these recommendations might be for… well, anything. For example this month I have some podcasts, an app, and a donut you should definitely try.

I’m not entirely sure what to call these posts, or if they’ll eventually morph into something entirely different, but right here and now it feels like the right thing to do, so let’s give it a shot. Also, if you have any ideas for a better name than “Monthly Roundup”, throw em at me in the comments!


First up, goals for the month!

If you’ve been following along, or if you’re on my email list (If you’re not, you should click here) you know that I just finished and launched my first course! Cue confetti falling from the ceiling while I fist pump to a faint background of We Are The Champions. Seriously though, this was a lot of damn work guys. More than I expected even.

I set a goal back at the beginning of the year to have the course launched by April 30th. I opened it up for pre-sale April 17th, then spent the next two weeks furiously finishing my recordings (the lessons were already written at this point) and uploaded the very last video to Teachable on April 30th. Just proving to myself that I could and would follow through on creating the course was a huge accomplishment, and I’m super proud of what I put out there, which makes it even better. 

So now that one of my huge goals for the year is done, it’s time to build a sales funnel so that the course can stay available all the time and people can find it when they need it. My big goal for May is just that: working on some killer opt-ins, getting my software in place, learning more about things like Facebook ads, and putting the systems in place so that the product side of the business is more automated. 

As a quick aside, I have a confession to make. As much work as I’ve done over the years on my own mindset and how I approach sales, typing out that last paragraph still felt somehow dirty. As if I needed to explain to you that my ultimate goal for the course is to help people, not make money. But let’s be honest, it’s both.

I need to make money to be able to continue helping people. You need to make money to be able to serve people well. You cannot help people if they can’t find you. You cannot help people if you don’t have anything to offer them when they get there. We have to sell. It's not dirty. 

Anyway, there’s a whole post about sales and mindset coming soon, but I wanted to share that while it was fresh on my mind.

My personal goals for May are to build some of my healthy habits back up. During the last month or so I let my daily workouts and morning routine slip so I could dedicate all my spare time to the course. Now I’d like to find a little more balance and get back to those. My calendar says that this month’s focus is morning reading, steady workouts, and funnel building. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Which brings me to what might be my new favorite thing…

My New Favorite Things!

(Working title, obviously)

A quick note about my favorite things. Some of these links are affiliate links, although not all. If you click an affiliate link and buy something while you’re there I will in turn get a very small amount of money, which I will then use to buy pizza, Netflix, and eventually a home with a backyard. Thanks in advance for that. However, not one of these things is being shared solely to make money. These are things I love, things I think you’ll also love, and if I can make a few cents off of that then it’s icing on the cake.

The Minimalists Podcast

I’m a little late to the podcast game in general, and this one has been around for over a year already. But now that I’ve found it, it’s my absolute favorite thing to listen to while I’m working. They’re funny and I always get some useful tidbit or idea from the show. If you have any interest in a more simple lifestyle, or just like podcasts, definitely check them out.

Hidden Figures

Again, a little late to the party, but when you watch most of your movies on DVD that happens. This movie was so much better than I even expected it to be though. I was looking forward to it because obviously it was a story that should have been told years ago, and the previews looked well made. It turned out to be super well made, the story was told wonderfully, but what hooked me were the little moments of humor they worked in all over the place. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.

This donut from Krispy Kreme

Oh. My. Word. We try to eat healthy here. Yesterday I had 1.5 avocados in my breakfast and lunch, plus a salad for dinner. But I’ve now had two of these donuts in the last month and each one was totally worth it. Mmmm. Donuts.

The Blue Snowball Mic by Yeti

When I was searching for the right microphone for recording my course modules I had two main concerns - it was important to me that my videos not sound cheap, but it was equally important that I not spend a ton of money making sure they didn’t. I compared a lot of mics on Amazon and ended up gambling on this one. I was not disappointed! It has great sound quality, rarely any static or crackle, and looks awesome on my desk. Which was actually priority number three. All in all it's really a nice little mic. 


Zombie Fluxx

I had actually never played the original Fluxx (I didn’t know it existed if we’re being honest), but I was having coffee with Tana of Tana Glenn Consulting last week and she pulled Zombie Fluxx out of her purse (along with about 15 other things) and I was immediately intrigued because… zombies. She showed me how to play and I ordered it that night. I like that the game changes constantly so you don’t get bored, but it’s still a nice calm card game that you can play while sitting around your coffee table eating sushi. It’s like poker for nerds, only not at all. My next acquisition will be Monty Python Fluxx, obviously.

So that wraps up the first ever edition of Monthly Roundup! I'd love to hear your goals, recommendations, and lessons you've learned lately in the comments. Tell me all the things!