Monthly Roundup: June Edition

Welcome to (the end of) June!

You might remember last month I started this new feature where I share a little about what’s going on here, both in life and business. I may share a big goal that I have for the next month, or some exciting news or plans, or even some lessons I’ve learned. I’d love to hear your goals, stories, and lessons in the comments as well! 

I also want to share a few recommendations every month, a handful of things that I’ve recently tried or learned about that I think you might love. Because I want this to be a fun, loose post and because I’m a bit of a random person, these recommendations might be for… well, anything. 


First up, goals for the month!

So, one of my main goals last month was to start working on the sales funnel for the course I created. I wanted to get some killer opt-ins out, get my software in place, learn more about Facebook ads, and put some systems in place to automate the product side of the business. 

How did I do? Due to a change in direction I'm about 50% on this one. I decided to pull my course off of Teachable and am now hosting it here on my site. Teachable is a great platform, but after taking a step back and reevaluating my goals it made more sense to keep it here.

I'm planning a post soon about the course launch and the lessons I learned from that, so for now let's just say this goal is about halfway done.

My personal goals were to build my exercise and morning routines back up. I wanted to focus on morning reading and steady workouts. 

I went to the gym once, does that count? 

I essentially failed at both of these goals, but I'm choosing not to beat myself up about it. The last few months have been extraordinarily busy with unexpected things that needed to be handled - some fun and exciting things, some not so good things, but all a bit time consuming. 

Things are starting to calm down now, and by the end of July I expect to be in a totally different place (literally and figuratively!). So this month I'm all about setting reasonable goals that still help me push things along but don't make me feel like I don't have time to breathe. 

Looking ahead, my business goals for July are to get my email sequences written and loaded into MailChimp for my course opt-ins, and develop a new marketing plan for each aspect of the business. I'll also be starting a side blog, so some of the month will be taken up working on that... more on that later!

My personal goals are pretty low key for the most part. Vitamins and water, baby. I'll be tracking this and reporting back next month. I also have one major goal that should be finished this month... I can't share much about that just yet, but it rhymes with Lying a Mouse, and it's super time consuming. More on that later too!

Which brings me to what might be my new favorite thing…

My New Favorite Things!

A quick note about my favorite things. Some of these links are affiliate links, although not all. If you click an affiliate link and buy something while you’re there I will in turn get a very small amount of money, which I will then use to buy pizza, Netflix, and eventually a home with a backyard. Thanks in advance for that. However, not one of these things is being shared solely to make money. These are things I love, things I think you’ll also love, and if I can make a few cents off of that then it’s icing on the cake.

The Wonder Woman Movie!

We saw Wonder Woman in the theater the week it came out, and it was FANTASTIC. I teared up more than once, which I later found out was a common theme among women watching the battle scenes. I could go on and on about why everyone should see this movie, but that's not really why we're here. Just go see it. Buy the DVD. Support strong women. 

I love a good planner. I've tried a TON of different ones, and they always seem to end up in the dead planner drawer because they're too complex, or too simple, or don't have enough room, or are too bulky... you get the picture. I had switched over to an all digital system for a while, but when I scheduled 5 meetings outside the house in four days because I was in a hurry and misread the calendar on my phone I realized it was time to go back to a paper planner for some stuff. I grabbed the smaller version of this one and have been super happy with it so far. I also grabbed a sticker pack, because... stickers.

And I use it with my absolute favorite pens... 

If you follow me on Instagram you know I legitimately love these pens. They don't run or bleed, you can only see them through the paper of my planner if you hold it up to the light, and the colors are gorgeous. It's a small thing, but I use different colors for different types of appointments during the week, and getting out my colorful planner, stickers, and nice pens on Sunday afternoon feels nice. It's the little things. ;)

This Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

Oh man. This thing. I'm a huge meatloaf fan, especially with mashed potatoes. But we really haven't been eating red meat lately... I can't remember the last time we did to be honest. I found this meatloaf recipe a long time ago and had stored it in folder for future use, and a few months ago I pulled it out and tried it. Literally my favorite meatloaf recipe ever. I'm not even sure what makes it so good, but I'm thinking it's the butter, onion, and garlic... you can't go wrong with those three. Anyway, we make this about once a month now, usually with some mashed cauliflower, and it never disappoints! 

So that wraps up the June edition of Monthly Roundup! I'd love to hear your goals, recommendations, and lessons you've learned lately in the comments. Tell me all the things!