Lena Elizer Designs Proudly Joins Squarespace Circle

Hola peeps! I'm popping in on a non-Thursday to share a quick piece of biz news with you and proudly announce that Lena Elizer Designs has joined the Squarespace Circle community!


What is Squarespace Circle and what does that even mean?

Squarespace is the platform I use to build my client's websites, as well as my own. You can read more about it over here. Squarespace Circle is a community that Squarespace started for creative professionals who use the platform to build lots o' websites for their clients or their own businesses. In other words, it's for folks who take their Squarespacing seriously!

Being part of the Squarespace Circle community also allows me some perks that I can pass along to you, which is just another reason I LOVE this platform. 

Extended Trial Periods

A typical Squarespace trial is 14 days long, with the option to extend it another 7 at the end. This is usually just right for building a smaller website, but can get tricky if you need a larger site or if something comes up during the project. As a Squarespace Circle Member I now have six month trial periods... score! (This won't change the timeline on normal projects by the way... six months is a long time!)

Advanced Guides & Customer Support

Recognizing creative professionals gives Squarespace the opportunity to provide us with more in-depth knowledge on using the platform, which I can turn around and use on your website.

In case we do run into an issue or question during your site build I also have a community of peers, enhanced guides and notes, and a professional understanding with tech support if we need to go there.

All of this makes my job, and your project, run smoother and gives me the chance to learn even more tips and tricks along the way! Ready to start a Squarespace project or have questions about the process? Let's chat!