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Six Must-Have Tools I Use to Run My Online Business

As I was trying to think of something useful to share with you this week I realized there are quite a few tools I rely on to run things smoothly around here that you might need to know about in your own business. Some are free, some paid, but they all help me work remotely in the most efficient way possible for my clients. I hope you’re able to find a new tool or two to try out as well!

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Eight Absurdly Simple Tips for Reaching Your Business Goals Next Year

Year end planning is my favorite nerd holiday.

On the scale of exciting things for me it’s in the top 5, right up there with new fuzzy socks and pizza nights. I like to drag it out for a month or two, use 3-4 Google Docs and a spreadsheet, and actually plan my planning sessions. As one does.

I know not everyone gets as excited about planning as I do, but if you’re an entrepreneur you know it’s a necessary evil. Especially the goal setting part.

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Stop Being a Miserable Cow & Get Out Of Your Own Damn Way

There’s a meme I’ve seen a few times on Facebook that says something along the lines of “Today will be a great day, as long as you choose to not be a miserable cow”. I’m probably paraphrasing, and I’m not a good enough journalist to actually go look it up, but that’s the basic gist. The first time I saw it I kind of chuckled and thought about the handful of people that have passed through my life whom I would consider to be miserable cows. It was a very self-righteous moment.

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