But really... I want to go deep

Logic (and most well meaning business advice) says that as a graphic designer I should reserve this space just for writing about all things branding + biz. 

Things like finding your ideal client, showing up visually, figuring out what collateral you need.

I’ve definitely done plenty of that, with posts like this one, this one, and this one.

But lately, even though I have a lovely content calendar all written out for the year, I’ve found myself being pulled to talk less about color theory and more about the big ideas behind everything - our beliefs, mindset, our energy, and what it means to run a business from a place of balance.

These big ideas are things I've spent years reading about and exploring. I'm fascinated by personal development books and archetypes and manifestation.

I use tools like meditation, free writing, and listening to my intuition every single day in my own life and behind the scenes running my businesses.

But I resisted bringing any of that into my brand and blog because of all the obvious reasons.

It felt too 'woo woo'. Too specific. Too weird. 

People said it shouldn’t be done. (So?)

I didn’t want to be rejected. (Who does?)

I didn't want you to think I was weird. (But really...)

Then I read this amazing piece by Cerries Mooney. And something clicked.

I realized I want to go deep. I'm craving it. 

There are thousands of people writing about branding, business, and girl-bossing. That information is out there, and it’s so valuable.

But it’s not why I’m here. It’s not my message. 

I’m going to share plenty more about my “why” soon, but here’s a spoiler: it’s not really about branding. It never was. It’s so much more than that. 

Mission, short version: I believe you have magic inside. I believe you are magic.

And I want to help you realize that and empower you to tap into that magic and show up in the world in a way that will ultimately heal it.

Branding is just one of the tools I'm using to do that.


And to do that, I have to start showing up here in a way that scares me. But also feels so right.

I want to talk about what's underneath our brands. What drives us.

I want to talk about how you can run your business in whatever way is best for you. And how to figure out what that even means. 

I want to talk about synchronicity and mindset, intuition and empathy.

I want to talk about energy and how we all hold a balance of the masculine and feminine. I want to help us show up from a place of wholeness and heal both.

And I want to get super granular.

I want to nerd out on things like planning systems and morning routines.

I want to talk about the personal growth roller coaster that successful entrepreneurship actually is, and how every single one of us feels like we don’t belong here sometimes.

I want to share my imposter syndrome to help you deal with yours.

I want to get real about what growing a business actually looks like in the day to day - the great, the shitty, and the why-did-I-ever-think-this-was-a-good-idea of it.

And on a more surface level, I want to quit worrying about whether you’ll quit reading if I throw a few well placed swears around. We're all grown ups here.

I’m a strong, intelligent, intuitive, highly sensitive, ridiculously nerdy, super spiritual, sometimes completely silly, total work in progress, extroverted introvert who enjoys a well placed F-bomb or zombie joke as much as the next chick.

I want to show up in the world, and my business, as 100% me.

And I want to empower you to do the same.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

Because despite conventional wisdom and well meaning business advice I know deep down that running my business in a way that feels good to my soul is the only way it will work in the end.

All of that to let you know you can expect more realness here, more big ideas, more intimate looks at business and life through my lens.

I’ll take you along as I keep peeling back my own layers and finding my magic, and I’ll hopefully empower and inspire you to do the same.

Will we still talk about branding and business? Absolutely. We'll talk about building a brand, and life, that feels true to you. The big and small of it. In a way that feels true to me.

Until next time. 

For now, what feels good to your soul? Where are you scared to show up in the world? In your business?