Solopreneur Mentoring

Working for yourself and intentionally crafting the life you want can be incredibly rewarding. It can also be confusing, lonely, and maybe a little (lot) terrifying. You start your business because you love what you do, but it doesn’t take long to get bogged down with all the other hats you have to wear. It can feel like you’re stuck in the woods, unable to picture the forest or even the path in front of you.

A guide who’s already been down the path can help you zoom out to see the big picture, map out where you want to go, and give you a heads up about obstacles along the way. Having a guide or mentor can help you get there faster than going it alone.

Business coaching can be a great option, but usually you have to invest in a long-term coaching package, which may be out of reach when you’re just starting out. You can book a single mentoring session with me anytime you need to, or book and schedule multiple sessions at once.

Mentoring might be a great fit if you are:

  • A female solopreneur or small business owner.

  • In business less than a few years, or transitioning to full time self employment.

  • A creative entrepreneur, artist, designer, coach, Etsy shop owner, heart-centered service or product business, or healer.

  • Interested in building your business from a place of intuition and flow instead of hustle and grind.

What I can guide you on:

  • Creating a big picture vision of your business growth, your goals, and the trajectory you need to take to reach them.

  • Identifying the clients and customers you’d love to work with, and attracting them.

  • Structuring your days for better productivity with less burnout. Get more done in less time.

  • Elevating your mindset and creating healthy business habits and boundaries.

  • Specific suggestions for business services, apps, processes, and resources to make solopreneuring easier.

  • Creating brand continuity and showing up consistently.

  • General brainstorming and idea generation - we can work together to brainstorm product names, package contents, and more.

  • Content planning and creating a list of blog topics to choose from.

What’s included:

  • A 60-minute face-to-face video call where we dig into any of the topics above

  • Call notes and a recording so you won’t miss a thing

  • Worksheets and resource lists as needed

What this is NOT:

  • It’s not coaching. I’m not a coach and don’t claim to be. I’ll be offering you guidance based on my own extensive experience as a solopreneur and business owner, as well as what I’ve learned working with other solopreneurs over the years.

  • This isn’t nitty gritty strategic planning. My strength is big picture visioning, brainstorming, and idea generation. I’ll help you with ideas, resources, suggestions, and advice, but you’ll be doing the actual work yourself.

  • It’s also not copywriting, marketing, web/logo/other design, or any type of content creation, although I can help you find those resources if you need them.

What qualifies me to mentor you?

I’ve been a full-time graphic designer for most of the last decade, with some amazing entrepreneurial women as clients, and have had my hand in running multiple other businesses; from home construction to house cleaning to selling tea towels at the farmer’s market.

My whole adult life has mostly been learning how to run a business and make great french toast, and I’ve learned a lot of it the hard way. I’ve started with nothing and supported myself on my business income after a divorce, and spent years tweaking my business to align with my strengths and passions.

Also, I’m one of those people you’ll usually find in the self development section of a used book store. I'm obsessed with learning about topics like productivity, mindfulness, running a business, mindset, and happiness. I’m an INFJ with a love for big picture dreaming and supporting other women.

Last but not least, I’ve had the benefit of seeing first hand the struggles and blocks we experience with my clients, and how things that have felt natural to me were mind blowing to a client who just wanted an easier way to send an invoice. I know how far a little guidance can go in creating the life you want.

$88* per session

*Intro price, only available for calls booked in June

Interested in mentoring? Let’s make sure it’s a great fit! Schedule a free 15 minute mini-session to get started.