If you have an existing website on WordPress you can transfer your content into your new Squarespace site by importing it. This will bring over your pages, posts, authors, images, comments, attachments, categories and tags. It won’t transfer any content from your plugins - like photo galleries for example; or any styles or themes. You’ll need to style your Squarespace site using a template and editing it the way we’ve covered. 

There are a few ways you can import content. If you log into your site and go to Settings -> Advanced -> Import/Export you’ll see buttons to import from WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Shopify, and Big Cartel. If your site doesn’t have a lot of content you can try to import this way by clicking WordPress and entering your login information. 

The preferred way to import WordPress content takes a few more steps, so let’s go through those. 

First, you’ll need to log into your WordPress site. Then find Tools on the menu bar on the left-hand side. Hover over that and click Export. Here you can choose which content will be exported, or you can choose to export all your content. This is up to you. Click to download the export file and save it to your desktop or another folder you can easily find. 

If it’s possible for you to deactivate the plugins on your WordPress site without doing any harm it’s helpful to do that before you export a file. Squarespace can’t read the plugin data but has to try to process it anyway, so it will slow down your import and potentially cause things to go wonky.

Switch back to your Squarespace site and go to the Import/Export Module again. This time click WordPress and then click the Advanced tab in the popup box. Click in the file upload area, navigate to where you saved your WordPress file, select it then click Begin Import. 

The process may take a few minutes depending on how large your site is. A success message will show up when the import is complete. 

Your imported content will show up in the Pages area under the Not Linked Module. If you don’t see it at first you might need to refresh the page. Your imported content will need to be enabled for the pages to be visible on your site, and any pages that should show up in the main menu will need to be moved from Not Linked to Main Navigation. 

You can now open up each page, go through and make sure your images and videos show up correctly or replace them with new content blocks if not, then click Enable Page on the notification at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t see the notification you can check to see if a page is enabled by hovering over the page title, clicking the gear icon to open the page settings, and making sure the Enabled option is checked. 

Because they are totally different platforms you may find some quirks in your content when you move it over, mostly related to content that was being created by plugins on the WordPress site, or how the two platforms handle images and videos differently, which is to be expected. The bulk of your content should transfer over without a hitch though. 

One last thing to keep in mind is that once you’ve transferred your content it won’t continually update, this is a one time transfer and each site is updated independently of the other. If you make future changes to the WordPress site and need to transfer content again you’ll have to start from scratch, so it’s best to make the transfer when you’re ready to move from WordPress to Squarespace for sure.