{A suite of branded materials designed around your existing brand}

Do you already have a logo you love but are realizing you need so many more branded materials to run your business the way you envision?

Successful brands are an experience, not an entity.
— Melissa Bolton

You want to make a great impression with clients, feel like a boss at speaking gigs, and make sure your brand stays top of mind with your audience. You want a brand that elevates every interaction your clients have with you and positions you as a leader. But you don’t know what you don’t know, and it’s hard to anticipate the types of branded materials you’ll need when you aren’t sure what the options even are.

I'll help you define your needs and extend your existing branding out to make sure you have the right assets and templates to give your clients an outstanding experience. Your materials will be custom made for your business whether you need a slide deck for speaking gigs, a beautiful printed welcome packet for new clients, or a set of social media templates. You’ll have everything you need without a lot of one-size-fits-all filler items you won’t use.

We'll start by identifying gaps in your current collateral and looking ahead at your upcoming goals and plans to figure out exactly what your business will need to help it grow. Then I’ll create new materials that feel true to your brand, are easy for you to use, and work together to build trust and awareness in your target market.

The result: A brand you can feel confident sharing with the world, and the security of knowing you have everything you need to jump on opportunities as they come up.


This package is perfect if you are…

  • Already have a logo and website you love, and maybe even a couple of collateral items like business cards.

  • Provide a high-end service or product and want to make sure every touch point your client has with your brand is on point.

  • Find yourself rushing to throw together materials like your PDF opt-in or blog graphics as you need them.

  • Feel embarrassed sending your client a proposal you know doesn’t represent the quality they can expect from you.

  • Know that you could benefit from branded materials, but don’t have the time or design skills to create them.


What you need most right now…

  • Time to focus on what you do best.

  • A design partner who sees the big picture, understands your brand and where it’s going, and anticipates the branded material you’ll need.

  • A full suite of assets that make sure your brand always presents the same level of quality you put into your offerings.


You tend to struggle with…

  • Worrying that you’re missing opportunities to put your brand in front of the right people because you don’t have the right materials.

  • Not having the time, focus, or design eye to ensure all your materials are on-brand and working together to move your business forward.

  • Being unsure what materials your brand even needs.


What you’ll get…

  • An initial strategy call to chat about your brand and our goals for the project

  • Regular check-in calls so we stay on track

  • Questionnaires to help guide you through gathering the content you’ll need

  • Asana project management to keep your inbox uncluttered as we work

  • An easy to understand folder of branded templates and assets

  • A written guide to using them as your brand grows (Great for sharing with new team members!)


Starting at $3,500


Interested in this package?

I'd love to have coffee (virtually of course) and chat about how we can grow your brand!