Brand Discovery Sessions

Feeling disconnected or just ‘meh’ about your business?

Not attracting the audience you know you can serve well?

It might be because the brand you're presenting to the world doesn't feel like YOU.

People buy from people they trust, and in the world of online business that means your brand must represent you well.

This is a 90-minute face to face session with a professional designer (me!), via Zoom, to help you find more clarity around your brand image. We’ll talk about what feels right and where it feels disconnected, and dig into both who you're trying to attract and who YOU are.

You’ll walk away with more clarity around your brand’s ‘special sauce’, plus actionable advice for bringing your brand image into alignment and attracting those ideal clients in 2019.

If you feel like your branding is holding you back, but aren't sure what needs to change, this is for you!

Sessions are $175 for a limited time and are application only.

Fill out the form below to apply and I’ll get back with you asap with the next steps!

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