Hi. I'm Lena. 

Branding and Squarespace designer, self-proclaimed badass hippie princess, lover of 90s rap and bad sci-fi movies, semi-minimalist, over-user of commas. Reader of books. Eater of pizzas. 

I currently live in Knoxville, Tennessee with my boyfriend, my cat, Bean, and my mini-yorkie, Giblet. 

My goal is to enjoy life as much as humanly possible while embracing all the weirdness that it is. To fund that goal I thoroughly enjoy helping entrepreneurs look like major badasses. 

I also like coffee. A lot. 

What I Do

I use my design, technology, and business skills to help my clients stand out and thrive in their industries. 

I've spent most of my adult life running a small business of some kind. My background is in software programming, and my heart is in design. For years I helped clients grow their web presence by customizing WordPress sites, these days logo design and Squarespace are my tools of choice. 


Why I Do It

If we all bring our unique quirks and qualities to the table I believe we'll be able to change the world.

When you are free to fully be yourself, owning your flaws as well as your strengths, you begin to thrive. I've watched my own life change drastically over the last few years, first by allowing myself to be as authentic and beautiful outside as I am inside, and then by allowing my brand to follow suit. I want to enable other creative entrepreneurs to do the same.  


Who I work with

Soulful, creative entrepreneurs who refuse to settle for anything less than badass. 

Creatives who want to build a brand on their own terms so they can do the stuff that really matters to them. 

Small business owners who know they have value to offer the world, but don't want to spend hours learning how to make that value look good

People who don't mind some well placed cussing and zombie jokes


My Business Manifesto

I operate differently than a lot of designers. Different doesn’t mean better – there’s someone for everyone, and that includes designers and clients. People in any relationship need to click on a certain level to work, so read on and see what makes me click. If you like my style we’re probably going to have a beautiful working relationship.

I operate my business from a place of love – and not the love of money.

I love my clients. I love small business. I love design. I love what I do.

Money is a great side-effect of doing what you love, and according to my landlord it’s a necessity, but it’s not my motivating factor. I want you to succeed. If you succeed, you’ll tell other people what a fantastic job your designer did, and I in turn will succeed. We can all eat and everyone has the warm fuzzies. 

I’m not all business.

Don’t get me wrong. I'm a professional and I’m very good at what I do. But I don’t believe that professional has to equal stuffy. If I’m guiding you through a WordPress training session it’s going to feel more like a friend lovingly showing you the ropes than a business meeting. Our emails are going to feel more light and informal than stuffy. Our phone calls are probably going to include a lot of laughter. I want to make this experience enjoyable and easy for you, not stiff and uncomfortable.

I believe that in business, and in life, simplicity is key.

I understand sales funnels and loss leaders and all the other things that businesses do to convince customers to spend more. And if that's your thing, no judgement from me - more power to you, babe. It’s just not me. And if I don’t operate my business with my own authentic voice, from a place that feels comfortable to me, I’ll either fail or be miserable. Neither option is acceptable, so instead I choose simplicity.

Basically, if it feels icky to me, it didn’t make it into my business model. If that means I make a little less money than the next guy, but I sleep like a sixteen year old girl at noon on a Saturday, I’m okay with that.

If you feel like we vibe, reach out. I promise you won’t be disappointed, because I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you have a good experience.