I want to help you build a brand you love so you can build a life you love. 

To reach that goal I offer a few different things here - from custom branding + Squarespace design to how-to articles that help you navigate this whole entrepreneurship thing. You can find pre-made logo kits and soon a DIY Squarespace Course as well. I know you'll find what you need to help you be the most badass business owner you can be!

You’ve been incredible to work with! I was so nervous to take on so much so quickly in addition to my regular workload, but it was great!
 It’s honestly been such a pleasure. I had been looking for months for someone who could address my needs as an entrepreneur and small business without treating me like a corporation. Plus someone who understood the challenges of my industry and how it can be a tightrope walk of sorts. Insanely grateful.
— Jenifer Acosta, Real Estate Developer

Want to DIY your site but aren't sure where to even start?

I got you.

Download my free Getting Started with Squarespace Mini-Guide and learn the steps needed to get your own site ready to launch - from creating the sitemap to connecting your domain! 


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Lena has built me two websites now and has played an integral role in the branding of my business. She is incredibly talented and my website receives rave reviews almost everyday. I have a business that caters to a high-end clientele and needed a hip and modern design and she nailed it! She is quick to respond and make needed updates and has given me great feedback on website improvements. I will continue to use her for my website and graphic design needs.
— Kelly Engel, Know Thy Dog Training & Boarding

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